I know you're right, they know you're right, so why don't you fight for yourself?!

March 31, 2010 3:12am CST
i took the train earlier on my way back home. it was a sunny afternoon. a boy was just texting, minding his own biz, pretty small like a 5 foot 2, wearing glasses, thin, pretty noticeable in a crowd cuz of his size and clothes. then this group came in during the next stop. a mixed group of boys and girls. they were pretty happy, or i should say rowdy. they were making fun of everybody in the train. i just couldn't help but look at them and their stupid antics. then they approached the boy who i mentioned was texting earlier. the boy was trying to send a text message when i heard a beep that usually says you're out of credits. i didn't know what was funny about it but the rowdy airheads laughed at him and they were saying something like 'what a poor boy! cant even buy a load to text his girlfriend!'. i was stunned. and i think everyone in the train was too. what does 'privacy' mean these days? it doesn't give them the right to bully anyone they see just because they're many. they went on with the verbal abuse and no one was saying a thing. no one dared to stop them. but i'm pretty sure everyone was just waiting for the kid to make a move. everyone was giving a look at the rowdy group and i know what it was. it's hatred. but what disappointed me the most was the kid didn't do anything. he just stood there looking at the floor. i will not believe him if it was just to avoid conflict. i mean, that was the boiling point for everyone. me, i don't wanna be insulted in public. i'm sure neither do you. i would've pushed or shoved one of them just to show how i was feeling. but this kid did nothing. NOTHING for crying out loud. if you were in the kid's situation, you were insulted and humiliated in public, what could you have done?
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@replyashu (747)
• India
31 Mar 10
evrytime itz not the case that we are rite......
• Philippines
31 Mar 10
yeah great. Thanks for reading.