who is your SpongeBob SquarePants character?

March 31, 2010 3:28am CST
If you had a chance to go to Bikini Bottom what character you want to be? For me, I will be SpongeBob! Of course I want to be the Star. Just a joke.I want spongebob because he loves everyone even if that person is angry with him. He accepts your mistakes.What SpongeBob Square Pants character are you?
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• Philippines
29 Apr 10
Maybe I am Sandy, because I'm a girl! LOL. Or maybe Pearl! Yeah, right! I'm Pearl. Because she's a daddy's girl to Mr. Krabbs, I'm kind of a daddy's girl too. LOL. I like to be SpongeBob too because he has a really great personality. He is very optimistic, and I think he is a good role model for kids, sometimes. LOL.
@megamatt (14326)
• United States
2 Apr 10
Plankton is my favorite character for sure. That guy can be very amusing. Then again, the villains are what make the cartoon and given the fact that you sometimes feel sorry for the villain and want him to win at least once. Or come close. Then again, you do not want to, because that means the antics of the character will cease. I compare Plankton to Wile E. Coyote in many ways. Wile E. has the Road Runner as his obsession. Plankton has the Krabby Patty Secret formula. Both are geniuses(or so they believe), that try to get the object of their obsession with various schemes. And they fail, much to our amusement. There are a lot of characters on this show that I like, but Plankton is the most entertaining for me.
@serpyman (51)
• Philippines
1 Apr 10
i would like to be patrick:D because he really reflects myself:D even though i'm not brainy:D i can make everybody laugh:D
• United States
31 Mar 10
I'm definitely Sandy! I'm fluffy but fierce! HIIIIIIYAH!
• Netherlands
31 Mar 10
I think I'd turn out to become Octo :P Flaming SpongeBob ftw xD