Do you think the show "Kendra" was better..

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March 31, 2010 10:55am CST
before she was married and became a mom (season 1) or better now showing her dealing with being married and a new mom? (season 2 and current season)?? i honestly think i like this current season better.. i mean i am not a kid person at all but its interesting to see how she is taking it and taking how her body changed and being married etc instead of what they always showed her as as a partier and a bimbo.. i really think people seeing her dealing with her after baby weight will help a lot of people that see that they have a hard time with the extra pounds and their self esteem.. What season did you like the most?
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@Opal26 (17690)
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31 Mar 10
Hye moonlit! I was never a fan of "Kendra"! I hate her laugh! I also hated her "bimboness"! I think that she is much better now! She is showing herself in a different light as a mother and wife and has proven that she isn't a total airhead! I am proud of the way she is behaving for a change and trying to be a great Mom, and she really is! I hope that she will continue to behave because her son deserves a decent Mom! I hope she has changed because one day he is going to look back on her life and not be too happy to find out what she was before!
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1 Apr 10
omg that laugh could peel paint! i just wonder after shes been a mom awhile if she is will revert to her party girl ways or not.. but she seemed to really love hank and him her.. shes grown up a lot and i hope the show stays how it is right now.. i dont want to see her end up being an absent parent cuz she is partying all the time!!