Medical insurance woes

United States
March 31, 2010 5:40pm CST
I am so aggrevated and upset. Everybody is swearing up and down that it cant be down but yet it has. My kids have been dropped from medicaid with no reason or no warning. I have two kids that have medical conditions and requires them taking medicine on a daily basis. Now that this new bill has been which I wont even start and I wont even go there I am forced to pay for insurance as if things werent bad enough So tomorrow I have to pay 170 dollars for my son's medicine and 20 dollars for my daughters medicine. There's just no getting ahead anywhere I have got such a headache right now because I've been calling and online all day looking for insurance. I found one that I think we are going to go with if we have to cut very many more corners in our budget there arent going to be no corners left to cut. UGH!!!! Is anybody else in this same situation?
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