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United States
August 30, 2006 10:29pm CST
I am an electrical contractor that lives in the "States" and I have a customer that purchased a lamp in Europe as well as an outlet and switch. He does not want to convert anything on this lamp to American power; I have been told that with the cycles in Europe 50 and with the cycles in the US 60 that some problems may occur. I am sure that I will need a transformer but in reference to the cycle thing (50 vs 60) I want to make darn sure that there will not be any problems! This lamp is an Antique. Can you help please?
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@stonehr (818)
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
9 Jan 07
You will need transformer from 240V to 110V , couse voltage vary from 220 to 240V, also You should know the power of the lamp in Watts, to be able in choosing transformer.To be able to convert cycles 50 to 60 Hz is not necessary but if You want you can but it might be expensive , for example UPS or any othr converter that can work with input of 50 to 60 HZ and to output 60 Hz . I hope it helps you :)
31 Aug 06
I think you should be more worried about 'volts' - Isn't 'the States' 110v? I think you will find the lamp is probably 240v. (?) You should be able to buy a 'standard' 110 240 converter. (Yes, 50 cycles is correct)
• Italy
31 Aug 06
I'm Italian, but that is like Turkish to me! LOL! Sorry, I hope someone else can help you out.