how do you feel right now?

@jobmoone (442)
April 1, 2010 3:38am CST
I'm doing again this time for the sake of money. I spend my browsing for money and not for most leisure time during my last days. Here in mylot I can do both. I'm happy for sure. Even though sometimes I'm usually don't go outside. I miss my love ones.
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• Philippines
1 Apr 10
right now I feel a bit helpless. my husband works in another country and I miss him so so much. we've only been married for about three months now, no kids yet. i wish I can go there and be with him but we just cannot afford it yet.
@bernjane (143)
• Philippines
1 Apr 10
You are making online work as a career? that's better but spend some time outside there's so much to enjoy life. Just balance your time when would you do the task online and scheduled your time outside too for you to enjoy life.
@megamatt (14327)
• United States
1 Apr 10
MyLot is truly the best of both worlds. By doing the posting and the responding to discussions, the money making kind of takes care of itself. I just keep finding discussions to respond to. I keep adding my responses. The cents begin to add up throughout the month, without much conscious effort on my part other than to keep responding. Of course, in the back of mind, there is always a vague goal but I do not focus on it that much, as it leads to frustration. Then in the end, everything works out. I have not found another website on this wonderful Internet that we can both earn some money and have fun discussing topics. MyLot is both enlightening and lucrative. Even if you only spend a few hours a day on it, I think it is a few hours well spent. A lot of other money making opportunities online seems like a lot of mindless and tedious work. If they pay its all good in the end, but until that moment, it can be rather frustrating. I have little of that frustration on this website.
@dianmelydia (2272)
• Indonesia
1 Apr 10
It's true that mylot has so many funs for us. We just need to find it out ourselves which part is the most suitable for us. I think commenting on other's post is an interesting thing, more over we also get paid for doing it. How can we find the better than this one? I don't think if there's a similar site with mylot which also offering such kind of happiness while commenting on other's post. This site also easy to load and no need to have a fast internet connection for using this site which make this site the best one and interesting. Have a nice day and happy mylotting.