And So It Begins..

@tessah (6621)
United States
April 1, 2010 11:02am CST
thanx to the PRO network and Corey`s connections and diligence.. a project we were offered to participate on is kicking off this weekend. its turned bigger than we were first expecting, and im so excited i near peed myself! a friend approched the man with the possibles of participating on a documentary about the bridgewater triangle (feel free to do a googley.. theres lots of info) of course we jumped at the opportunity heh how stupid would we be to not?! the documentary however.. has turned out to be so much work and information (over 300 hours worth of taping) that the man heading up the project has decided to turn it into a series of hour long episodes. and to make things even more pee worthy.. hes been contacted by the producers of a show called ghostlab, and they want to review the content and possibly take part in it as well. *thud* i cant tell you how freakin HUGE this is for us!! we start off this weekend filming and interveiwing in a place called Freetown, RI. a place i must admit, im simply terrified to go!! but the line from that tune "everybodys free to wear sunscreen" keeps turning around in the back of my head.. do one thing everyday that scares you... so even though when Corey had entertained thoughts of going to this place.. to which my reaction was an emphatic "are you INSANE!?!" im going.. not much scares me in this type of stuff.. ive been at it for more than a decade.. seen some pretty amazing and for the "normal" person, extremely terrifying occurances, but this place scares the bajeeZus out of me!! as legend has it.. the entire area is cursed. being part of the bridgewater triangle itself, thats not such a big suprise. but this place.. has been said to induce normal everyday gentle people, into raving possessed serial killers. bodies are found there on a regular basis.. people go on mad killing sprees and wind up with no memory of it at all after the fact. and this one area.. it is said that people become overpoweringly suicidal and dive to their deaths off a cliff where it is reported a ghostly apparition of a woman beckons them from below. yeah.. a highly sensitive empath in this space of freakdom. thisll be FUN!(tm) ive already informed Corey that if i go all wack-a-d00 and try to take a header to my demise, he best catch me before i go over the edge and my brother Ryan has politely requested that i not off myself on video so come saturday.. as long as rhode island has emerged from the depths and its impersonation of the lost city of atlantis.. im off on a hell of a grand adventure into the terrifying.
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@Draeke (324)
• United States
2 Apr 10
This IS a great opportunity for us, and yes dear we'll get the IRON handcuffs to keep you from going all whak-a-doo. lol Freetown is in MA not RI, as you've recently been updated, and has quite the hsroty of creepy hauntings and such. There's this legend of a ghostly trucker that follows you through the forrest at certain spots, there's also a bunch of 'satanic' cults and activity deep in the woods, a phantom hitchiker is reported in the area as well. and there's plenty more to be heard Still can't believe we're actually doing something this big!!!