how long will I have to wait

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April 1, 2010 2:39pm CST
I know applying for SSI disability can take a very long time. It's been two weeks since I have applied and I havent not heard anything yet. I have scolosis in my back along with a lot of other problems too much to mention and go into detail about. I am almost 40 years old I have only had 2 jobs my whole entire life. I applied for SSI a long time but got discouraged because I was turned down. My doctor to this day says that he doesnt see how I am even walking and he has submitted paper work stating that. In fact if I hadnt of had braces when I was little there would be no way I would be walking today. So why is SSI turning me down. It seems like people that go up and say they have a drug or alcholo problem they are on it right away. but someone who seriously is handicapped or severely limitted has to fight tooth and nail. I dont get it.
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@Tallygirl09 (1385)
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10 Apr 10
You and are I are in the same boat. I also have scoliosis and other skeletal issues. I have been able to work most of my life and am waiting on benefits too. There are many many scammers out there applying and lying, they share information on what to say and do to get the benefits and those of us who genuinely need them have a tough time getting them. Sadly, I must tell you that you have a much longer wait than a few weeks. The average time from what I have been told is 6 months. The system is overburdened. Also know that they may decide that they need one of their doctors to examine you and take x-rays but since your doctor was so adament, hopefully that won't be the case. You also need to know that you should apply for medicaid if you havent' alreday as they are handled seperately. You can turn to a lawyer and appeal if by some chance you are turned down. There is a maximum rate of just under $6.000 that they can charge you as I have already checked into that in case I need to do that. There is a national cap that maxs out what can be charged. That is why there are so so many lawyers in it, sadly they make it harder for many folks to get benefits. I have put in a friend request since I could really use the support as I wait and it sounds like you need it as well. My back problem was operated on when I was about 11 and that made a huge difference to me but now I have bone spurs growing in my lower back that are causing tremendous pain. Some days I can do very little since the pain takes everything out of me. If you don't already have a pet, consider getting one. I have 2 girl cats and somehow they know when I am having an extra horrible day and lay with me all day and night, just leaving to eat and use the litter box then coming right back. On my good days, they romp and play and sun bathe so it's really a huge difference. I wish I could figure out what makes a day a good one or a bad one since I have yet to figure out what causes the truly bad days. My beloved cats are a blessing from God that I am most thankful for. I put in for benefits and medicaid back in Feb so I am hopeful that I will have benefits by early Summer, maybe by July. I am struggling to keep my head above water but by God's grace I have been able to do that. You should also check your social security earnings so you will have that information. The benefits range up to about $1,800 on the high end so once you get them, it will be a help but you certainly won't be living large. You may also be eligible for back benefits going back up to 2 years. And if you have any medical bills that you have paid on your own, you may be able to get that money back to. Also, make sure you have applied for both SSI and SSDI as they are different. Also consider contacing vocational rehab in your area as they may be able to help you find some work that you can do. There are income caps for how much you can earn but you can work part time to add to your benefits if possible. There is a ton to learn and I have yet to find one place that has all the information. My prayers are with you, take it one day at a time, that's how I get thru it!