What is/are the main cause of Cancer?

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April 1, 2010 5:20pm CST
Hi Mylotters, In your own opinion, what is/are the main cause of cancer? Because last 2 years ago my aunt on my father side died of cancer. Just last year, My other aunt inlaw on my mother side died of cancer too. Last month my cousin, who was 19 years old died of cancer of the blood. Now, my other cousin is on ICU, because of cancer of the liver. Where these cancers came from? What is the cause?
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@cloud31 (5811)
1 Apr 10
Hello speedtypist, In general cancer can transfer from generation to generation,in short hereditary, and a poor plan--- diet plays an important role in the development of many cancers, to the extent that they think perhaps a third of all cancer deaths,,nutrients in our daily food should be watch out for prevention of cancer. I certainly believe that some connection between a diet high in fat and low in vegetables and fruit will lead to formation of cancer.
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1 Apr 10
Hi Cloud, Thank you very much for the reply. I really appreciate it.. It helps.. God bless. speedy