Second Chance

United States
April 1, 2010 7:47pm CST
My cousin is not dating a guy who she knew in middle school. It wasn't until recently that she found out that he has had a crush on her for 14 years. In fact, he has been looking for her all this time, asking mutual acquaintances what's been going on in her life and everything. Now they are dating. I'm currently dating a guy I knew of in high school. After we graduated, I didn't think of him since until last year when we started talking on facebook. Now we're dating. He revealed that he had a crush on me in high school. It just amazes me how these things can happen. Do you ever wish you can find an old crush and ask them out now? Is there a girl/boy that has been playing in your mind for years?
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@azn_boo (36)
• United States
2 Apr 10
Well, I guess it happens when you don't have a boyfriend or a partner to inspire, things will happen in some point. Both of you will talk about those days in schools then your private life. As a result,it will end to ask you out and feelings will build up.
@renifa12 (104)
• Philippines
2 Apr 10
i would definitely like to meet my old crush but i think he is now married, but its a good thing to know about him and remembering those days when we look at each other eye to eye..thats so sweet
@nangisha (3504)
• Indonesia
2 Apr 10
That so sweet that guy has been crush for you and cousin for long period of time. I hope every thing work out great for both of you. I myself when high school got crush to my high school friend and we still make friend until this day but all the chemistry already gone away, now we just best friend.
@khalida (1130)
• India
2 Apr 10
well as for me i don't feel that way as i am already in a relationship where he had a crush on me and then we started taking things to a different level. well i think the guy having crushes on girls and finally dating them is purely cause they are very sincere and loyal! :)
• Philippines
2 Apr 10
i do believe in second chances, because if you didn't get the chance before you can have it now.. and there will never be if onlys and what ifs because you gave yourself the chance to love him/her the second time around