Who has adopted children?

April 1, 2010 9:16pm CST
I had one adopted child..my eldest. We decided to adopt since we had had no children for 7 years after our marriage and we really wanted children. But then after we adopted her my wife then got pregnant- maybe my child was just waiting for a sister before she was born...
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• Philippines
11 Apr 10
hello Stanley... We do have an adopted child in my family...he is actually registered under my sister's name since my mom is not eligible anymore -matter of age...but it's really my mom who wanted him,,take good care of him....he was taken to our home 2 hours after his birth(everything was taken care of when his biological mother was conceiving him)...He is well pampered,,,he has 3 mothers...mom -his mama,my sister-his mommy,and me-his Nay-nay(mom in English)...he is showered with love all the time....to the point that he wants to be always the center of attention..eventhough he gets naughty all the time,still we adore him..& i love him same as i love my own daughter....time will come he will know but right now we are enjoying all our times together..