Bank system error, someone suddenly got $89 billion dollars

United States
April 2, 2010 4:44am CST
From the news, some system error shown on the bank system, One customer suddenly got 89$ billion dollars in his checking account. What a beautiful surprise, and he was shocked. Obviously, that was computer error, and he couldn't use that money for anything. He was that rich for a couple of hours, after he called the bank, and clear everything off, he went back to "poor" again. I always dream of something like that, but it never happen to me.
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@Matt90 (36)
• Switzerland
2 Apr 10
OH My God!must really be a shock!!I still hope for him that has not be solved..something like that, and I can also make a complaint!Maybe he took forever to set aside the money and now he went up in smoke!I go mad in his place!
• United States
2 Apr 10
Amazed, I would be amazed if I see that amount of money in my bank account too. Anyway, it was just a fantasy dream for 5 hours, and it was gone.
@1anurag1 (3580)
• India
2 Apr 10
oh god. i think this is really awesome experience for the person. but shocking too. i think the happyness for a short period of time is not very good when you will come to know that every thing was not real and just a dream for a span.
@megamatt (14326)
• United States
2 Apr 10
Well, technically that is not really that fortunate if he could not spend the money. It just goes to show you what a random computer error can do to some people. Of course, I have heard the other extreme happening a few times. People getting wiped out because of a random computer error. Thankfully it was not for real but if that happened and you saw all your money disappear, wouldn't your heart just stop? I know mine would. Still regardless if it is an error or not, that is something that is shocking. If something like that happened to me and I saw that many zeroes behind my bank account balance, I would perhaps faint. Or be convinced that I was in fact dreaming, because there is no way that it could be real. Isn't technology grand? One error give someone the air of being rich, for a couple of hours, even if it is not technically true.
@jinjer168 (1599)
• Philippines
2 Apr 10
Yes iv'e heard that news already and i was amazed that this error in bank system really happened. We're sharing the dream of having instant fortune and maybe all of us wanted to live a very comfortable life. Surely i love this thing to happen to me but i will love to win the lottery even better because this is a very legal and instant way to accumulate wealth, unlike this situation that i knew i am only having this amount of money but when i checked it one time, it suddenly blows to the huge amount of $89billion! this was a really huge mistake and i can't take the money that way because for sure that the bank will hunt me afterwards.