Haven't any of you heard of PTC/GPT sites no minimum payout?

United States
April 2, 2010 7:21am CST
I've only been looking at this site for an hour (then an hour to sign up on dialup. How many pages of interests and hobbies are there anyways?!) So anyways, I've read 10 discussions and haven't seen one where people didn't mention minimum payouts or payout limits. Maybe I just didn't read the right discussions, but hasn't anyone here found the new sites where the minimum payout is only $0.01? And you can cash out as often as you want? And there is a wide selection of FREE offers, no trials or credit cards required? $10 in a couple months is what I was reading from you guys?! I made about $70 in less than 2 weeks! I was going to paste a small example from my paypal page but since I don't have 500 posts it won't let me. So I'll post it on my blog and hopefully posting a link to my blog won't be considered spam. http://my-fast-money.blogspot.com/ I almost posted my banner but I really don't want to spam. I just want all you poor people dealing with minimum payouts to make money like I do. That's why I created my blog, so I could post reviews, links, tips and tricks. I wish I had found these sites before. Yeah, I did find one the other day that offers never credited on, and that one is going to get a bad review from me. But the majority of sites I've joined have payed out quite well. Just spending 2 minutes filling out a form requesting information about a medication for bipolar disorder earned me $1.60. Sorry, this was more of a rant than a discussion start, but I just couldn't help it. I felt sorry for all those posters.
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