If your friend,who is a terrible driver,wanted to borrow your car,you would?

April 3, 2010 9:35am CST
Oh,man.He is a terrible terrible driver,he maybe run the red light and break some traffic rules,what would you do?say 'no' and tell him why,say 'It's in the garage serviced',or ,say "ok,but be careful".my friends,I'm puzzled.
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@dawnald (84146)
• Shingle Springs, California
5 Apr 10
How about, "no I but I can drive you where you need to go."
@overwith (101)
• United States
4 Apr 10
No way would I loan my car to anyone. I have had bad experiences doing this in the past. People I don't care how good of friends will not take care of your things the way you do. I loaned out my car and the insurance coverage was great but I still am paying higher for another eight months then it will be taken off my record. My record? he!! I didn't wreck the car my friend did. That is why I will never loan my car ever again.
@trotter (102)
• China
4 Apr 10
Well,it's a tough problem.In my opinion, you may lend it to him in the first time and remind him to drive carefully .If he won't listen and makes troubles, WARN him not break rules again.If he still goes his own way, you'll have to inform him " You will not be allowed to use my car until you never break rules any more !" You can refuse him directly if he just won't listen to you .
3 Apr 10
I would say that I needed the car so was unable to lend it out! Or just make a joke and say "the way you drive!! no chance" it depends on his personality, I have friends who would laugh at that but obviously dont say it if you think he will be offended.
@maximax8 (29011)
• United Kingdom
3 Apr 10
I would tell my friend that my car is only insured for me to drive it. My friend wouldn't be able to drive it because it would invalidate my car insurance. In my home country we have to get a provisional driving license before we have driving lessons. A learner driver must have driving lessons with an approved driving instructor or a car driver that is over 21 years old that has been driving for more than 3 years. Whilst learning to drive the person must take and pass the theory test.Then before the person is allowed to drive on his or her own he or she must take a practical driving test which is quite challenging. The pass rate is about 4 out of 10. Many people have to take their practical driving test a number of times. The test involves two times that the car has to be reversed. Like it could be backing around the corner, a turn in the road of reverse parking. When a car is on the road the driver must have insurance for his or her car. It would be fully comprehensive, third party, fire and theft or third party only insurance. It is possible to hire a car but not borrow one from a friend in most cases in my home country. I know a lady that borrowed a friends car and she was caught by the police.