Colon cleanser vs. laxative vs. fiber

United States
@coffeebreak (17829)
April 3, 2010 10:40am CST
I have been hearing so much about these colon cleansers and helping to loose weight. But my first question is... what's the difference between a colon cleanser and laxative as far as what they do? I asked a sales person in a vitamin place this question and she said a long medically terminology answer. I thought about what she said and put it together in common person terms and then said to her "so the colon cleanser HELPS you go and the laxative MAKES you go". She looked at me with a bit of shock and then quietly said. "Yeah, that's about it". So..why pay high price for the cleanser, when elax is cheaper and they do the same thing? Second question..What's the difference in "jobs" from colon cleanser, laxative and fiber supplements or even just good quantities of applesause every day? They all do the same thing. So is it just a money maker or the makers of the colon cleanser companies and they don't want you to know the down and dirty facts...or do they really each have a specific "job" or function or purpose that they do?