What's your First Date Drink?

@jenfer (166)
United States
April 3, 2010 2:08pm CST
Last night my friend visit me to share what happened to his first date. Though, this kind of story didn't make me so interested at all, But get's curious when he asked me if he do the right thing in ordering white wine for a drink? on the first date?.. I totally have no idea on this.. Well, my drink of choice, for this situation is typically white wine too.. But if I was at a dive bar, I'd go for a bottle of beer. Drinking beers with a cute guy always felt tomboyish and sexy to me. So, I'm curious, what's your first-date drink? Do you go for a fruity cocktail? A Beer? Wine? Scotch on the rocks? Lemonade? Water?.. I'd love to hear..
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@daliaj (5689)
• India
24 May 10
Dating is over and now I am happily married. Those days were fun. I never knew that ordering a drink matters. I would not have ordered for something I don't like for the sake of ordering a perfect drink for first date. Coming to the point, I had a cold coffee and garlic bread. He ordered a coffee and potato wedges. We shared the food. I DIDN'T PAY THE BILL. I WAS PLANNED NOT TO PAY THE BILL.