If he/she say "Family first", do you get offend?

April 3, 2010 3:08pm CST
Share your opinion. I m in a relationship and maybe next year i will marry her. Last time we got some serious talking about our future. One of it, i say this to her, i will care to my family things first but i will try not to hurt you if i had to make hard choice. She never have argument with me regarding to this matter but I really care what her thought since she just says OK(if she really mean it, i know it). What will you says? Please share with me if u at her condition and situation.
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4 Apr 10
Well put it this way, she should be at the top, but in a lot of cases family comes first. What I mean is, if she makes you choose between her and your family, unless they are wrong, then there should be no question who to choose. But if you really want to marry her, you need to get your priorities straight.
@mardvil (18)
• Philippines
4 Apr 10
Since the girl says ok it will be fine, see if you got married then she will be a part of your family. She kind of understand the situation or either she will think that she will be the closest family that you will have.. of course in general, if we will talk about your family then she will be there first then followed by your father and mother with bro and sis.
@book153 (21)
• Singapore
4 Apr 10
In my opinon, she would think that, you are not care of her enough... may be she might think too much about that. i think you should talk to her nicely and make her more understand about that.
@yresh12 (3219)
• Philippines
4 Apr 10
I think that you have a girlfriend like her. She understands your situation, it maybe pretty hard on her but she's very patient on you. You should show her how much you love her because its so rare to find a girl who understands you.. Goodluck and I hope you can work it all out.
@besthope44 (12145)
• India
3 Apr 10
Well, if my wife says this, i will bend my head and would say, your honour my dear! lol. Well what your wife says is really something you can accept without thinking over. Family is always first and next is rest. So what else we can do to our loved ones, just obey their lovable orders!
@savypat (20246)
• United States
3 Apr 10
When you marry your family becomes your wife, she is your first concern as you are her first. Marrying means you are creating a new family for you and her and any children that follow. If you cannot make that commitment you are not ready to marry and it will only bring you grief. Please consider this very carfully before you make this choice, marriage is never easy and needs all your attention.
@bagputza (504)
• Belgium
3 Apr 10
Good evening , dear Justdomoney ...to answer to your question i think i'll have to put myself another question , in what stage of relationship am i in with this girl , if we are just simply going out for a few weeks and nothing serios has come between us , then i wont mind ...but if there is something going on between us and its serios then i would feel somewhat hurt , hence we are supposed to share and be there for another when in need...but off course this may change from situation to situation. Have a nice evening dear friend.