Top ten Reason

April 4, 2010 2:02am CST
I'm working Like Mission Impossible because of my family to get out Rat Race situation and financially struggle, more debt, financially brooked, and bankruptcy, I have a lot dreams and I was force to cut off because, it's doesn't fit to my income and I'm trying to do is increase my income to fit the size of my dreams, sounds impossible to people who have not financially struggle. they have a lot of Vision but without action is become Day dreaming, and some people are very hard work because they have a lot of needs in life they forget to think his mission, why they trying hard to increase their income, because a person with full of action without vision is nightmare too. and I'm realize working hard is not enough without play smart to all action you done for your life. Doing so hard for your job it's because we love your family but if you have not enough reason why you doing this? you wonder why you tired and stop what you doing, that why I set my Top Ten Reason why I'm doing this. The one of my top ten reason is to become financially independent and to set my goal to find the right vehicle and a right discipline to achieve my dreams, if you live a mission impossible to become possible, you work hard and smart, if our reason is strong enough you'll find the right way because you love you family.
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