what sensitivity you prefer for mouse?

April 4, 2010 3:05am CST
i was using 8 now 20
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@simon2g (14)
• Australia
4 Apr 10
I used to play cs 1.6/css and I used to use 3.3 for my sensitivity. It's all about preference though, but keep in mind you should be able to do a 180 degree spin with your mouse and thats your perfect sensitivity.
• Sweden
29 Apr 10
About 8 i have.
• United Arab Emirates
8 May 10
It depends on my mouse. But on average I use about 6-7 For Quake I use exactly 7.45 lol I seem to get 50% more rail shots than if its 0.1 off. Not hard to believe. I also have a button on my mouse that changes the sensitivity so I can go shotgun when i want faster movements.
@hristo95 (102)
• Bulgaria
10 Jul 10
I paly counter strike from five years ago . I use to play with 4-5 sensetive for the mouse . I think that is good sensitie to play better. The best player play with small sensetive just like me :D . Have you ever hear for the player Sk|Spawn ?
22 Jun 10
this actually depends on the type of mouse you're using and the mouse speed set in the mouse settings..im usually on the very lower side ..between 1 and 2.5
10 Jun 10
Sensitivity doesnot matter much to me. . All you need to have is a good mouse
@fixnet93 (20)
• Poland
31 May 10
When I played CS, I was used to 10,5.
• United States
11 May 10
I used to play this game way back before CS Source came out. We have to rent a computer in a computer shop that houses 20+ PCs with a dedicated server as a host to prevent lagging. I personally use 10 as sensitivity but I do change other settings too. I prefer to use 10000 as forward, side and backward speed. I even change the yawspeed to 10000. This is my prefered setting. I dunno if changing the other settings will help but make sure the forward, side and back are the same so you can move smoothly in a diagonal manner.