woohoo bought a new macbook white unibody late 2009!

April 4, 2010 4:52am CST
Yesterday i bought a new macbook white.After having a black macbook for three years i thought i was ready for the new one. I used my time machine backup from the black macbook to put the files on my new macbook within half an hour everything was installed and it was ready for use. Tested the battery and well i think i used the battery for at least 5 hours till 6 hours and it still had 25 % of usage left without charging it again. I must say i always liked mac and it even got better for a lower price.With the nvidia geforce videocard the games are really nice to play now. If it comes to mac i can talk for hours but i don't want to exhaust people. Anyways please share your experience on apple products or share if you prefer windows or mac.
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