What is the Easter Egg?

@phynx15 (248)
April 4, 2010 4:55am CST
Though I am brought up in a Christian family, i don't know anything about the easter egg and its origin. It is not written in the Bible and it is not a practice in our church. So if you know it, please explain it to me, i will be very grateful.
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@Vikkyd (198)
• Finland
4 Apr 10
From Wikipedia: The egg was a symbol of the rebirth of the earth in celebrations of spring and was adopted by early christians as a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus..... So yeah, it isn't originally a christian thing... And nowadays it's become more of a commercial thing rather than some chirstian symbol in my opinion...
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@ptrikha_2 (10880)
• India
19 Mar 13
This is everywhere. Festivals like Christmas, Deepavali, even Valentine's day become more and more commercial. Many of us even forget the true significance of these festivals.
@Ravenladyj (22937)
• United States
5 Apr 10
since Easter is ACTUALLY (or originally I should say) a PAGAN holiday..both the Egg and the Rabbit come from the Pagan celebrations...They represent fertility and rebirth of the Earth, the animal kingdom and so on..
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@benny128 (3621)
4 Apr 10
I think the easter egg same as the easter bunny is more symbolism for new life ie because its the start of spring. I am not religious so the religious implications of easter doesn't really mean a lot to me but thats what I think the easter egg is all about
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