do you really think the cook go off of memory when cooking

United States
April 4, 2010 9:36am CST
alot of people really think the cooks remember allthat food that gets called oput to them. now honestly use to they did. years ago i would say about 15 years ago they did have to remmber all the food that was called out and to be hoest it was not hard. i use to work there. now today they dont have to at all. they have what is called the magic maker system. have you ever noticed them pulling plates and putting jelly, mayo, or other little things on them. or putting butters down by the waffle irons. that is what they use now a system that tells them what they need. to be honest it makes it harder then just trying to remmber all the stuff. next time you go in and they are busy watch them. now if you go in and you dont see the stuff being pulled i bet your cook has been with them a long time.
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