Paying PTC Sites

United States
April 4, 2010 2:31pm CST
these sites have paid me recently. before u comment on these remember no referral links or ur comments will be deleted: 1. inboxdollars 2. matrixmails 3. sendearnings 4. donkeymails 5. dizzydollarsgpt 6. earneasycash 7. jillsclickcorner 8. easycashptr remember you can comment just no referral links or you will be reported maybe not by me but by other people. list will be updated monthly
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@Revan2009 (469)
5 Apr 10
Hi Bmccaig, Can you please post how much you have earned from each of those sites, how long it took you to earn with those sites and the total you have earned and how long it took to reach that total... If you give me detail information of earnings I might take more interest and even join through your referral link. Thank you. :)
• United States
5 Apr 10
not allowed by mylot policies to post that info
5 Apr 10
You can put all the information in your profile, I'll go read it when you have the information on there... such as banners or a paragraph of explanations... Have a look at my own profile for an example of what I mean.
• United States
6 Apr 10
well banners r on my profile so if want to see them they r there and if u want proof of paymt then send me a messege on here and i will email u the proof
@tluanga (768)
• India
10 Apr 10
inboxdollars is not for indians i have confirm it. I still need to reach cash out from matrixmails. i have got payment recently from donkeymails . i dont know about other site