Anyone ever had a near death experience with a contradiction?

United States
April 4, 2010 11:05pm CST
What I mean is where they there are inconstancies with what the experience in the after life. For example a father has a near death experience and sees his son in heaven. The father is revived and learned some time after that is son never died even though he thought died before having the near death experience.
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• Philippines
5 Apr 10
i actually had that kind of experience before, i was suffering from sleep paralysis that time and i cant move my body nor talk and in my dream theres a big snake bite me thats why i tried to struggle but i cant move though i can hear everyone talking nor the sound from the house and all of a sudden i saw white and i was sitting in a roller coaster ride and i saw from a far a very lovely place that looks like a forest and its very green and then i told myself that i want to go to that place then i heard someone talking that the end of the roller coaster is that place where everyone is happy and theres no sadness, they only eat fruits and spring water and theres always music and then he also told me that if im ready he can bring me there though my mother hit my mind and i told him that my mother will going to look for me, and so the voice said to think about it first and once im ready he will bring me there then he told me to closed my eyes then when i wake up i was sweating and very thirsty and i feel like im running out of breath, my sister told me she heard me moaning and so she tried to wake me up.
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• India
5 Apr 10
Yes i have one experience.. when i was 17 years old.. and i was falling down in gutter... it was very scariest moment of my life.. because gutter was very deep.. and it was 10-12 feet deep.. and i fell down in that.. but after some time i had outside of the gutter efforts by some peoples.. have a nice day and keep mylotting always..