Is it annoying for japanese to be engaged in the s ex industry?

April 5, 2010 6:25am CST
Traditionally speaking,Japanese is much s ex ually permissive than the Chinese who insist the sense of chastity. In the Edo period, ladies in Japan felt nothing strange even if washing their bodies in the street with lots of passengers, while now housewives still consider it as "acceptable" for their husband to patronize the s ex stores. All these are unbelievable for people in other nations. Is it annoying for Japanese to be engaged in the s ex industry? Talk about your idea?
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@frosty89 (75)
• Japan
5 Apr 10
Japan s e x industry is quite a big one. I think apart from USA. JPNs is probably the biggest p orn provider there is. I live here for a year and i can see that jpnese live on por n. The magazines are sold in broadday light and even in convinient stores. Its like bread to them. Though teen follow rules and Most never see real p-orn until they r 18.
@qamarep (4449)
• Pakistan
5 Apr 10
i can marry their maria ozawa.. that is very sweet lady. i can allow her to work in industry