Do you still like toyota so much now?

Guangzhou, China
April 5, 2010 9:22am CST
Hi my friends,Do you have a car now ? is the brand of your car is Toyota which happened some unhappy thing recently? Are you still fond of the Toyata so much now? AS far as I am concerned, first I am fond the car so much, But after that events of its quality, I become hate the Toyota so much now. They just do not want to admit their fault which has made a deep influence on people. How about you?Do you still like it?
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@maharlikah (1045)
• Philippines
5 Apr 10
Toyota is a good vehicle company. For sure they are also sorry for what happened. On the other hand, there is no wrong about accepting ones mistakes. Mistakes are lessons for second move or for someone else to become better.
• Guangzhou, China
6 Apr 10
Yeah, as what you said , I think you must agree what the toyota has made teh mistake,which I think can not be forgiven.
• Philippines
11 Mar 11
I still drive a Toyota. Everyone makes mistakes. What happened to Prius is history. Toyota can make up for all of it. Toyota has high quality vehicles :) I
• United States
18 Sep 10
My parents bought me a brand new 2009 Toyota Corolla Sport in November of 2008. My car runs great and I got all the recall stuff done and I have never encountered anything- a bit of a hassle to bring the car in the dealership to get the car done but overall it wasn't so bad. Even though this happened, I still believe Toyota is a great brand. I don't hate Toyota at all and my family still is planning to buy cars from Toyota. We are waiting for the 2012 model to buy the 2012 Toyota Camry SE V6. My mom has a 2005 Toyota Camry LE V6 and they absolutely love it. We also own Honda and Lexus cars..
@fpsninja (874)
21 Jul 10
I still think toyota is a good make, just i think nissan and mazda are better for reliability really, and the toyota cars are a bit... how shall we say this, don't really do anything special. The older toyota's are pretty cool, but all the new ones are a bit drab. But what does annoy me is the prius. I hate the way everyone thinks its the best environmental car, when it really isn't. Its not as economical as say, a VW polo bluemotion, its more environmentally damaging to make one compared to a VW polo, and its not even fun to drive! Ok, VW polo bad choice? I heard in a report, the area around where they dig for nickel for the batteries for the prius is now used as a place for NASA to test their moon buggies, due to the area around the mines becoming so devoid of life.
• United States
5 Apr 10
I have never had any kind of toyota & after all the problems they have had w/them i'm gladi don't have one.