Duke Vs Butler

United States
April 5, 2010 6:33pm CST
Even though it should have been WVU vs Butler, I hope that Butler kicks the crap out of Duke, they think their the best team, but they aren't, who do you think will win the game tonight? Or who do you hope will win?
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@allen0187 (33141)
• Philippines
14 Apr 10
sincerely, i wish i saw this discussion a week ago. i joined two bracket buster for the ncaa tournaments. one at work and another with my buddies online. i had kansas to win it all in my bracket at the office and i had duke to win it all in the bracket i had with my online buddies. in the office, it came down to the last two games. had duke lost the final game, i would have won but a co-worker had duke to win the championship. the prize was US$50. it was kinda bitter sweet because i lost my bracket at the office. i did win the second bracket i was part of because i had duke to win the championship. i finished 2nd out of a total of 93 participants. i got USD$150 and bragging rights in our forum. lol!!! so it's not a total lose but i felt silly because i wanted to win both brackets but i know it is impossible. lol! anyway, it was the year of the underdogs this year. northern iowa posted the biggest upset. i had a couple of underdogs myself. i had ohio over georgetown and i was really happy with that win especially for all the osu faithful out there. going back to the game, it was really a back and forth affair and i felt that butler let in all hang out in the court and the blue devils got mos tof the breaks in the game. not saying that they didn't deserve to win. duke was the better team in the finals game but i feel that butler played better all throughout the conference. had the lst second shot got in, it would really be a cinderella finish and would break the hearts of duke fans. anyway, it hindsight, i'm happy with the USD$150 win. looking forward to next year's bracket buster.
• United States
6 Apr 10
Butler is all heart tonight. They are not as athletic as the Dukies, but they are contesting every pass///its a clinic on heart.
@crys7881 (267)
• United States
6 Apr 10
SOrry to go against you but I amhoping Duke wins =)