Who is your worst friend and why?

Worst friend - Me and my worst friend...
April 6, 2010 4:20am CST
Ciao! I'm talking about friends, not enemies! As many myLotters I've several good real friends, people I know since I was a child, that I trust and who trust me. Among those, one friend is kind of... let's say... problematic. He often gets in trouble. In fact, it's quite difficult for me to help him over and over again and take the right decision without getting in trouble myself. But of course, at the end, since he's my WORST FRIEND I always step forward to support him. I try to advise him not to do certain things, but yeah... you know... he walks alone, until he's in need again. So, here I am with my question: do you have a worst friend?
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• India
6 Apr 10
Worst friend in my life is only me. the one who doesnt know how to treat a person is worst friend to himself.Never ever say that another person in your life is a worst friend coz it all cheating abt yourself.
• Italy
7 Apr 10
I know myself and my limits and I'm a very coherent person that doesn't leave friends behind. I accept a friend even if it has problems...