Have you tried meditation to reduce STRESS?

United States
April 6, 2010 5:28am CST
I'm going thru a bit of a tough time right now and I was wondering about trying meditation to help deal with the stress and strife. Do you meditate? What method do you use? Do you find it helps with Stress?
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@peaseniz (95)
• United States
6 Apr 10
I used to meditate and also I practiced Tai Chi as well. They both are great ways to relax and reduce your stress. Unfortunatly lately I have not had time to really do either but hopefully things will calm down soon. Also I agree that they are better for you than taking medicine to reduce stress.
@srganesh (6349)
• India
6 Apr 10
I have tried meditation,but not fore reducing stress.Instead to know the ultimate truth,I practiced it for some years.Relieving your tensions and worries depends on lot of factors,like money and good relationships around.You can try some active outdoor games where you can live to the moment and thereby reducing your mental stress.
@replyashu (747)
• India
6 Apr 10
yes you are right, meditation and yoga re side effect free and best and easy way to reduce stress stress have been a monstrous problem now a days for most of the people around the globe
@trotter (102)
• China
6 Apr 10
i've never tried to take medicine to help me reduce stress because these psychiatric medicines are usually addictive and have lots of side effects which will probably make things worse. i usually talk to my friends or pour my heart to the people i trust. sometimes taking a walk outside in the park will help. i really do not recommend to take medicines. psychological problems need a psychological solution. so just put a smile on your face and think about something makes you happy . :) have a nice day !
• Philippines
6 Apr 10
I meditate. I'm sure it will help you reduce stress cuz i've been using meditation to help me sleep and it really helps me relax after work. I downloaded a free music for meditation and i listen to it while focusing on my breathing.