How to Express Emotions

April 6, 2010 7:12am CST
Many people were never taught how to express their emotions Because they do not know how to express them..LIKE ME,they wind up repressing their emotions instead. For people who have endured painful life situations, they can wind up engaging in unhealthy behaviors to avoid expressing their emotions, such as self-injury or developing an eating disorder .Expressing emotions is the best way to release the pent up please say some Instructions to EXPRESS many like me out their around the world..
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• Philippines
9 Apr 10
Just let your emotions flow. If your happy, smile. If your sad, cry. If your angry, you could shout.
• United States
9 Apr 10
I think this is a difficult topic to discuss. There is not mold for how to express the various emotions we as people experience. Every individual interprets their emotions different, thus causing them to have different reactions to things. For example I know many people who when they become angry yell and scream, and some even become violent. Whereas, I personally, allow my anger to build up inside until it's more of a frustration and I can release the stress through crying or just alienating myself for a day or so from those who are making me angry.
• Bulgaria
6 Apr 10
Well you've already made the first step by admitting you can't express emotions. I think the second step is to look deep inside you and try to answer why really this is so. When you know what your real fears are it's easier to fight with them. I think that exposing our fears is not easy at all and it takes time, because very often we hide the true reasons from ourselves. But it's a step that we must take if we want to free ourselves from the prisons we've been made by ourselves.