around 70-CRPF Jawans killed in maoist attack!

April 6, 2010 8:09am CST
what was the government looking for? was they looking for the lifes of these para-military soldiers? maoist warned many time that govt should come in terms with them otherwise they will make a big attack, and they have done it. govt was in a stand that we can speak and solve the issue, but they dont agree with that and govt took their warning as silly and wont thought that they had this much strong army to shot down 70 jawans. why the govt put more army on that area, why the govt not took there warning seriously? if the warning would have been like:we will kill the defence minister then govt would have given more security but when it comes to common man and poor crpf jawans it wont matter. instead yesterday central govt told that bengal cheif minister should take more harsh steps on maoist. maoist is not attacking bengal only, there are states which congress rules which are affected by maoist attacks. And what is the use in fighting each other between state govt and central govt? Now who will take the responsibility of the 70+ lifes? Who give the security to common people? dont you feel that its the fault from government which caused us 70+ lifes?
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@avani26 (1520)
• India
7 Apr 10
Why is it that people only blame the Governement? Have they maoist done the right thing by killing so many people? It has nothing to do with Congress ruled states or not. Chatisgarh has a BJP Government and so does Jharkhand and CPIM rules Bengal. Madhya Pradesh is also run by BJP so what the governemnt should not do anything and just sit. That way we should not do anything to the terrorists also. I feel now the Goment should pick each and every Maoist and put a bullet in his head and whoever sympathise with them should also get the same treatment. The Maoist sympathiser will now have no chance to keep supporting the Maoists.