Green Lantern

April 6, 2010 12:02pm CST
One of the very few DC Characters I love is the Green Lantern. But then there are more than 1 existing in the DC Universe. To name a few: 1. Alan Scott - I believe he's the first Green Lantern and his weakness was very different from the rest of the corps. Also his uniform was predominantly red and he had a cape, an accessory that very few Lanterns possess. His weakness was unlike the the others, his weakness was wood, not the color yellow. "...and I shall shed my light over dark evil For the dark things can not stand the light The light of the Green Lantern" 2. Hal Jordan - Probably the most popular Green Lantern. He was a test pilot and he inherited his ring from Abin Sur who died during entry to Earth. He was portrayed as being very valorous and brave, the embodiment of what a Green Lantern should be. Under the influence of Parallax he destroyed Coast City which forever changed the way the character was portrayed. "In brightest day, in blackest night No evil shall escape my sight Let those who worship evil's might beware my power... Green Lantern's light!" all the others used this oath from number 3 to 8 3. John Stewart - under rated character while Hal Jordan was the top dog of the corps. This guy was an architect and he was fairly level headed and I believe was created just so the African American community could relate to comics better. He wasn't portrayed as well as he should've been back then but he has emerged as one of the best Green Lanterns. He is now one of the more popular Green Lanterns and is even in the cartoons. Oh and I should mention he was the caretaker of a place whose name eludes me now and he was able to make all the inhabitants coexist peacefully at best, him being an architect was an excellent choice for him to govern this place. 4. Guy Gardner - The jock and basically didn't care about anyone. I believe the reason he was like this was because he had been hurt a couple of times. Guy was emotionally unstable and kinda psychotic. He had a very short fuse and usually gavein to rage most of the time. He also became "Warrior" and was able to fashion weapons from his own body. Lots of potential for this character. Oh and really kooky haircut (Although I did try to emulate it several times) 5. Kilowog - The corps' resident drill sergeant and trainer of the new lanterns. Kilowog is one of the best drawn and fleshed out characters ever to be in the Green Lantern Corps. I love the gruff manner he always takes when he's dealing with the new guys. 6. Ch'p - Liked this character only because his name sounded like mine. 7. Kyle Rayner - artist who totally revamped the Green Lantern Corps and how they were portrayed, basically after Hal Jordan went nuts and destroyed Coast City, the popularity of the corps went down. Kyle Rayner's emergence totally gave it a fresh shot in the arm. 8. Salakk - One of the more serious Green lanterns, rarely talked and when he did the lettering used for his dialogue was kinda different with little featherings. Totally cool. 9. Jack T. Chance - Total opposite of Hal Jordan, he was a criminal and totally crass in his actions. I dunno how he ended up as a Green Lantern and the only thing that really made him a Green Lantern was his ring and a badge. He refused to wear the uniform and usually wore a trenchcoat and trashy clothes underneath. Totally love this character. "You who are wicked, evil and mean I'm the nastiest creep you've ever seen Come one, come all, put up a fight I'll pound your butts with Green Lantern's light! Yowza" 10. Duck Dodgers - hahaha yeah Daffy Duck became a Green Lantern in the cartoons. Totally cool! "In blackest day or blackest night Watermelon, cantaloupe, yadda, yadda Erm... superstitious and cowardly lot With Liberty and Justice for all" Totally cool characters and their uniforms were adapted to kinda express who they were. I never get tired of looking at their costumes and noticing the little differences. :D Any other Green Lanterns you'd like to mention?
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