Sachin retired hurt while chasing it the end of him?

@krupesh (2608)
April 6, 2010 12:19pm CST
Why? why ? why? is the question asked by many while Sachin is playing in the IPL.Why doesn't he prolong his internatinal career playing for India rather than injuring himself playing in the IPL?Is it because of the money the players earn in IPL?Or is it the love for their cities(just joking)? Sachin says he wants to play for India in the 2011 WC but I dont think his body will leave him to play that much longer.Why does he want to get injured playing in the IPL.This he could have done even while playing the T-20 WC next month.Atleast he would have got the appreciation from so many quarters. His attitude of getting singles of the last ball of each & every over to get the strike back even risking his & his partner's wicket speaks volumes of his selfish acts. He would have been an asset even at his age if he had not played in the IPL & not getting injured.Hope he recovers well & fast & plays for India for many more years.
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@avani26 (1521)
• India
7 Apr 10
Why only Sachin is being picked for playing the IPL? Why not Dhoni, Yuvraj, Gautam and many more who are injured and we do not even know if they will be able to play properly in the T20 World Cup. I feel Sachin has already done his bit by playing for India for the past 20 years and he needs to enjoy also.
@anurag3786 (6275)
• India
9 Apr 10
Yes it was very difficult situation for Mumbai Indians when Sachin going retired hurt by due to dehydration and after that no any player play good.. and MI lsot their match by 27 runs..i think you can't say that it is end of sachin.. i think.. sachin is a great player.. and sometimes some worst conditions are with them also.. but it is not means.. that it was the end of him.. have a nice day and keep mylotting always..