Do you feel like a good or bad daughter?

April 6, 2010 3:18pm CST
As a daughter myslef I know that sometimes you feel like the best daughter in the whole world and then sometimes you feel like the bottom of the pitt. Do you ever get this way? Which dio you feel foer the most part? Me, I feel more like a neautral daughter. Good and bad. But I know she still loves me and that I love her in my own way.
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• United States
6 Apr 10
I feel like a baddaughter. I dont talk to my mom. she has a bad drinking problem and I finally got to the point that I cant deal with her anymore. To top it off she is a mean a nasty drunk. so Im a bad daughter.
@asja1388 (131)
6 Apr 10
I dont think you are a bad daughter. I believe you tried your best, but you have to think about yourself and your future, your children. Sometimes we cant do anything for our family except praying. I know how hard it is to have someone in your family who has a drinking problem. Wish you all the best.
• India
29 Jul 10
I feel like a good daughter to my parents.As a daughter I am very helpful, hardworking,supportive,trustworthy,respectful and I have never gone against my mom.And she too knows my feelings much better then myself.
@george000 (166)
• India
27 Jul 10
I feel like a good daughter because when I am happy and if they cares me and talk me time and again.Where ever they go if they inform me and if they keep vale of me.I think I am a good daughter and if does not take that much care than I feel bad one.
@will_win (222)
• India
26 Jul 10
Ya ........I feel like i am a good daughter to my parent.You know i am very helpful and supportive and even i do respect my family.I have never been against with them...........she loves me a lot
@swn_chik (266)
• India
26 Jul 10
As for now,I think I'm a neutral daughter because I didn't do anything so good that they are proud of me or any bad that made their head down. I can't do anything good to make them proud but I know that I WILL not do anything bad that they are ashamed of me or harm their honour.
• India
23 Apr 10
hi artsy i like you thinking & i feel comment you daughter is a daughter not good or bad.
• Philippines
10 Apr 10
and yeah i come and always feel this way, that i am a bad daughter why? because sometimes i do not want that my parents always checked me in the school. My mother always used to visit me in the school. while my other classmate mother just stay at home...but i realized today what i felt before is actually bad for a daughter to feel. I supposed to be very happy because my mother loves me so much.