Beauty or brains?

April 6, 2010 6:42pm CST
Me if i would have to choose it would be beauty.I like it m0re when people compliment how i look than a compliment for getting a high grades.Do i sound strange? How about you?
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@mitchann (303)
• Philippines
7 Apr 10
I could relate to what you feel though. AT some point in your life, you want to be just beautiful and be the apple of the eye of everybody, especially adolescent years. I don't blame you for your opinion on this matter. But you know what msdazzle, when you grow old you will realize being intelligent could be an edge too. Some people are just so so lucky because they have both, on the other hand there are also people who neither have the both. I'm glad I'm just in the middle.LOL. Anyways, if I have to choose, I would choose to have brains. IF I'm intelligent I could get a good job and high paying job, I could pay for my surgery if I'm that ugly.LOL.
@caliya (1175)
• Philippines
7 Apr 10
You have a point there. You can use your intelligence to gain all the money in the world the have an overhaul. lol. Personally I would choose intelligence since it can last you a lifetime while beauty fades as you grow older. If you can have both then what a wonderful world it could be.
• India
9 Apr 10
Beauty is just an external appearance whereas brain will decide about the talent of a person. Some may look very beautiful but doent have any stuff in them. Some are opposite.
@yra1026 (47)
• Philippines
7 Apr 10
BRAINY!!! i know being beautiful is really such an asset! but not all people has a same definition about beauty, it depends on the eye of the beholder! BUT being a BRAINY is an advantageous quality of anybody! its a thing that cant be taken away... everyone can be beautiful but NOT everybody can be smart enough.
@dr9rim (247)
• Australia
7 Apr 10
i would choose brains. i think the problem with beauty is that it is inconsistent and have a different definition especially geographically. someone with tanned smooth skin could think he/she is gorgeous, but travel to other countries, they might think you're the kind of person who doesn't take care of themselves properly (because they think fair, flawless skin is better). but if someone is intelligent, they will still be intelligent where ever they live. they may not be knowledgeable but they can learn lol wouldn't it be cool if, like how cosmetic surgery can make people beautiful, we can have some kind of implant to make us intelligent!
• United States
6 Apr 10
Beauty is only skin deep. Yes it's nice to be attractive but being smart is just as great! It's also attractive to. Sounds like you have both. I would much rather talk to a average looking person who is smart than a beautiful looking person who has no common sense.