@sinois (139)
April 7, 2010 9:44am CST
Do you make choices on your own or do you believe that there is a greater force acting behind the curtain, what i mean is do you think everyone's life has already been decided when they were born or is it up to us to achieve what we want.
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@srjac0902 (1170)
• Italy
7 Apr 10
It can be both the ways. God created man as a supreme creature for he has left man to make a choice for his life from his free will and the grace of God will be always following him. Man is a partner of God, he has to work for his salvation. There is a higher force but benevolent and liberating with the free will of man to choose
@sinois (139)
• Mauritius
12 Apr 10
what do you mean by "he has to work for his salvation" according to the writings salvation is given whenever it is ask even on your deathbed.
@tomitomi (5441)
• Singapore
8 Apr 10
hi sinois, there is a little saying in our family and the community where i grew up that says the food from the plate will never reach your mouth without your hands having to work it up. by that i mean life is what we make it out to be. there are choices in life and i believe it's all up to us to decide. the greater force behind the curtain, as you put it, would just be glad to help us if we do because if we don't help ourselves, no one else would. the thing about self-fulfilling prophecy does hold water here: if we think life has already been decided when we were born, then it is. thanks for the good topic.
@srainow (87)
• China
7 Apr 10
in my opinion, the theory of destiny is tricky because you can always fine a way to explain everything by destiny. say you don't believe in destiny, so you try your best to succeed in an area, then you finally manage it. The destiny believers will say, it is your destiny to succeed. Other wise, they will say, it is your destiny to fail, no matter how hard you try. i don't believe in destiny but i don't deny it either. who knows? even if you believe in it, you also need to work hard because that's the only way to know what your destiny is. what do you think?
@jobmoone (442)
• Philippines
7 Apr 10
I believe in God that holds and knows everything even each every ones destiny. What ever decisions can one person does it always has its own reason to tell that it creates each own destiny. Having free-will is natural.