Lottery/scratchcards have they dropped the odds?!?

April 7, 2010 2:56pm CST
I never ever used to play the lottery but did buy 1 scratch card once a month on payday, and I NEVER won more than £1. About 7 months ago I signed up for the lottery online and use the same numbers, and I have NEVER even won a pound from it lol I am so tempted to remove my numbers, and my account but I can't help but think knowing my luck if I pull my tickets that next month every one of my numbers will be called and I would miss the chance of a lifetime.... What do you all think? Another thing is I swear scratchcards have had there odd's dropped my boyfriend used to buy loads like 3-4 a week (loser haha) and nearly 1-2 of those a week would of at least won 1-2 pound and sometimes 5 and 10 but lately nothing, and I mean zilch! Are they able to do that? change the odds of a winning ticket I mean? If they say the odds in winning is 1 in 5 cards, whats stopping them from NEVER printing the top winning prize and only printing ones with under £10 winnings? I would love to hear your views on this :D
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