Did you ever regret that you married your gf/bf?

@annierose (18923)
April 7, 2010 5:13pm CST
I heard many stories of couples that at first, they are so sweet in their relationship. At first, one might say they are very nice couple because they seems very attached with each other. But as years go by, those couples suddenly change. They always fight and throw hurting words with each other. The sweetness they have seems to disappear. Most of the time, I heard married men or women saying, being single is luckier than having a wife or husband like that. How about with your present relationship? Are you experiencing such things?
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• Philippines
8 Apr 10
I have not regret to marry my boyfriend, we're in the relationship for 7 years and this coming september we will be celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary. I am so happy being with him, he is my everything, he protects me and give his full love and respect to me. I am so lucky to have him and now i am pregnant, the more love i felt this time. Really, no one can ever replaced him, he is almost perfect for me really. Sad to hear about their relationship, maybe there are times we need to change for the good but then their are some to be fix off. But hopefully they can be together again, hope god will guide him if they will ask assistant and pray for the good of their relationship. God is always with us, all we can do is to call him and come into our hearts. I'm so bless and thankful for the gift he had given to me and that's my husband and our coming angel.
@p3ks626 (6550)
• Philippines
8 Apr 10
I never had that idea in having a regret for marrying my husband now. Its not right to do that. Its very important decision that you made in your life when you married that person and when you would regret it then its not going to do you good. There are people who say that maybe because they were not able to cope with their differences and differences are always there. It only depends on us on how we will be able to cope with things and make the relationship work.
@elamel (127)
• Philippines
8 Apr 10
'am married for a year and a half and right now were very much in love. i just dont know what will happen tomorrow. only God knows. But if ever things went wrong definitely i will try 100% to be able to keep things right.. because for a broken family children is the one most affected not the parents..
@qamarep (4448)
• Pakistan
7 Apr 10
i think that it can happen in any kind of relationship . because 2 different type of persons are nowadays living together..