Are you courageous enough to face your opponent who is stronger than you?

@enix119 (101)
April 8, 2010 7:22am CST
We have all kinds of opponents in life. We meet them when we are playing chess, playing football, bid for contract or even discussing on some issues.Let's say you are dicussing a issue with someone now and your are addressing your opinion which is simply opposite. Finally, you are defeated and his address looks more persuasive than yours. After that, you are defeated in discussion with him for many times later. It has shown that he is stronger in discussion than you. Then are you courageous to face him, your opponent, again although you know he is stronger than you or are you going to avoid meeting him?
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@busybee10 (3191)
• India
8 Apr 10
To survive in this world at present one should acquire this quality if he does not have.Because, it has become very difficult to deal with people these days.If you are soft nature d person over they will see the you are melted.Instead if you are strong (hard) then there is no scope of overtaking us. Hence, we have to face them boldly - yes boldly. I do the same thing. and am successful.
• Philippines
8 Apr 10
i actually know my limitation so if i know that i cant do it then i will not force myself to do it. though theres one time i was having my board exam and i was with my other classmate before and i felt so bad coz they seems to know a lot since they are not working unlike me, i work and at the same time study for my second course. so i just told myself that maybe i need more review first coz i really feel not ready yet. but then they give me moral support telling me if i able to finish it while working it means i can also pass the exam for my determination. and so during exam the examiner only give me few questions and left me while she gave a lot to the rest maybe she heard us talking about it. and so maybe she feel my determination. and so at the end of the day they give us the letter and inside of it says that i passed. wow i really thankful coz i did it and i thank to my classmate for their moral support. moral support really helps.