How To Keep Your Partner Loyal To You?

April 8, 2010 9:23am CST
Loyalty is a big issue in relationships and it seems that finding a loyal partner nowadays is like finding straight man at a Celine Dion concert. Most of the time, it’s best just to stick with the partner you have and try to make them loyal. Sure you run into the classic dilemma that no one ever really changes, but there are some hing in your relationship that you can do to help your partner want to stick around more.
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• United States
8 Apr 10
One of the biggest things I've noticed with relationships is that one of the people want for them both to be together ALL OF THE TIME. Typically this is due to jealousy. People just need to be a little more trustworthy so that others can trust them. To recap: Don't smother, and establish and keep a value of trust.
• Philippines
8 Apr 10
Based on experience, I think the best way to keep your partner loyal is by SHOWING how loyal you are. The psychology goes: kill her with GUILT. Try do things that will keep her INTERESTED with you. If someone has MOTIVATION, s/he will continue to do something.