quit smoking????

April 8, 2010 11:50am CST
Does any one quit smoking without any reason .? smoking is injurious thats not the reason to quit.. someone in ur live for whom u might quit smoking ... i quit smoking just for my friends so that they dont follow me with same.. but it happened now i m trying to make them quit ....... tell me how can i help them up in quit this... as well as tell me about ur quits u might have done for someone..?
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• Romania
20 Apr 10
I work with people who try to quit smoking and from what i've seen so far the strongest reason to quit it is having a child that suddenly is ashamed of his father/mother because he/she smokes. other than that, strong will, a lot of counseling and specific medication is required, but not even all these three things combined are usually enough to convince someone to quit.
• United States
16 Apr 10
I was finally able to quit smoking when my mother was dying from a smoking-related disease. She had COPD, and she slowly suffocated. She couldn't move from her chair without gasping, and she weighed almost nothing when she finally passed on. Introduce your friends to someone with a smoking related disease.
@caliya (1175)
• Philippines
9 Apr 10
there are a lot of adverse effect of smoking. i don't like it's smell and unfortunately i have to intake second hand smoke everyday because my partner smokes but i guess he will never quit smoking despite the ill effects. i just hope though that he will stop smoking one day.