So Sure Of Himself

@DCMerkle (1281)
United States
April 9, 2010 12:23am CST
Ever had one of those moments when one of your offspring just seem to have come from another planet? My 24 year old son is living out on his own, finally! He had a good job before he did and it was the reason why that he was able to move out and get a place of his own. He's a little slow in the logic graces, but I had enough confidence in him to know that he could and would make the best choices when he had to.....but I was wrong. Right now, even just thinking about it is making Homer Simpson look like a genius. My son has his goals and he has been steady on the path in accomplishing them, but this last one was a clunker. He has wanted to go to school. He has decided in taking courses in radiology. Now that was a good career choice and he did look at all his options. So, off and on he has been telling me where he was on the school plans. He's registered with the school that he wants to go to, applied for financial aid, and has even gone through voc rehab to help him in obtaining his goals. Now a few days ago, he's telling me what his school hours will be like. It's a 7:30-3:30 schedule. Then he tells me that he's quitting his full time job. Well, I'm waiting for him to follow it up with, "but I'll be getting a part-time job.". I'm waiting and wait a little more and then ask him about a part time job. He says that he won't be able to go to school and hold down a job at the same time so he's resigning from his current job. My mouth dropped! I was in shock. I did not just hear this come out of his mouth. I had to be talking to someone else because my son knows that he still needs an income for his everyday expenses that will now include text books, lab fees, and other things. I asked him what was he thinking? He said that he knows that he'll have to save up and he was dissapointed in me for taking it the way I was. He was upset that I was not saying "Great Plan! Go For It!"? I asked him if he had taken into consideration the cost of living increase in the two years that he would be going to school? If he had included his rent increases and so on and so on. He said that he knew what he was doing and then he hung up on me. We haven't talked in the last few days on the phone, email, or IM. I told his dad, (we're separated, but still talk to each other)and even though he's one thumb short of a tack, even he was dumb founded. He wanted to know what he had been breathing in lately. I am hoping that he comes to his senses and re-thinks his economic plans and realizes that there's no way he can go to school and not have to have a job to keep things going. Unless he's won the lottery or already has a couple of thousands of dollars that he already has saved up, that he's going to be no different than any other college student that is out there struggling to make ends meet. His parents are not rich as exampled by his mom on myLot trying to make a few extra bucks to get by on. Okay, maybe he was hatched and I forgot about it, but someone please keep him in your prayers and pray for divine intervention in the form a big frying pan that makes a connection to his big empty brain!
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