I need all the suggestions you can provide me please!!

United States
April 9, 2010 12:36am CST
I need to find a way to make some extra money. I am a single mother, who is pregnant w/my second child. My hours recently were cut back at work so I am trying to keep an apartment and raise a 3 year old off of a small amount of money. It is to the point where I have to pick and choose what bills to pay which month. I need something to help me earn extra money. Since I am 5 months pregnant I cannot really go out an apply for a job. What potentional employer is going to like an applicant or new hire who needs to go on maternity leave in mid August?! Any and all suggestions are welcome, and I thankyou in advance your help!
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• United States
9 Apr 10
Have you tired GPT sites, there are a bunch of good ones. My favorite is simplegpt (a link in my profile) mainly because it as instant payout and I seem to get more offers approved there, but there are plently out there to look at. I make enough each month to pay a small bill around 100-150$ for very little work. Not alot but hey its bill! Congrats on the new baby and best of luck : )
• India
9 Apr 10
Since you're a US resident there are lots of oppurtunities for you. Write and get paid. AssociatedContent: For quick money I recomment you to write for www.AssociatedContent.com for upfront payments. You may write 5 or 6 articles a day and if they're good enough you may generate $10 or something a day. Helium: When I was able to access Helium last time (Now they're not available to my country) there was an upfront payment upto $2.5 per article. Create some good works and you'll get some stars and your upfront payments will increase. Since you're an experienced mother you can also write on websites like mommythink.com and www.families.com Offers and surveys. Websites like Cashcrate gives away lot of foffers to US residents to make much money online.