HEY all you MW2 players!

United States
April 9, 2010 2:13am CST
Why are there sooo little posts about mw2?!?!?! its a grat game! start discussing more!
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• Philippines
9 Apr 10
Hello Bubba. There are little posts because it is a boring game. I am one of the pioneer players in that game. Mythwar2 if I am right. I reached rb level early. I quit the game when I was in Anarchist. I had the best guild, best team mates, rich friends. It all became so monologish. Leveling up became so boring. It wasn't easy access either. That is why I shifted to games in face book because I believe in real people compared to anime characters. My character was TheOvermind . So, don't blame people for not posting things about it.
• Mexico
9 Apr 10
Now first of all it is not a boring game, its an awesome game if your good. You probably didnt like it cuz you got pwned so much.
• United States
10 Apr 10
ahhh, i like facbook! i havent played any of the games on there though.. What would you recommend? Steam has mw2 free to play during this weekend... im pretty good on ps3 but on pc i suck really really bad!
• Philippines
12 Apr 10
@ hell_blazer: IT IS A BORING GAME. FYI: I used to be pawning everybody. @Bubbabthe8: I suggest Castle Age, Tiki Resort, MMA some people like Mafia wars, Spore Island, Farmville.
@onestop (79)
3 Jun 10
The MW2 map pack 2 is not out yet. I found a link to download it from microsoft early. you still have to pay for it tho, so it is not a freebie! PM for the link to find it if your interested, if your not then don't O ye btw its for xbox live users. I'm on xbox live now and it ent out yet, so if anyones interested give me a shout
• United States
16 Apr 10
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