Modelling earns you good money and keeps you in limelight!!!

April 9, 2010 3:45am CST
Do you plan to be a model?Modeling is one the most glamorous jobs today,Fame is followed by money.This is the reason why,people who like to stay in limelight prefer this to choose this as their career. There are a few basics one need to take care of like one needs to do in other jobs. Being reliable is very important for a model's career.One should never be late for photo shoots,don't let the entire unit wait for you.This will have a very bad impression on your career if you keep people waiting.The idea is to keep people updated and not behave like a star and keep people waiting as the time is very important in this sector of work. Always go prepared for modeling assignments,don't expects things on platter as this line is very creative and people keep changing their plans at the very last moment.Always be ready with the essentials. Make-up is a area where you need to concentrate.Though make-up artists are available on the sets,but it is better not to rely on them all the time until you have worked with someone for a long time.A personal make-up artist would be preferred but then the cost is involved too so that is something to be done in the second phase when you are earning good. Always try and get references,this whole industry works on references and that is the reason why a lot of people who don't have good contacts get exploited in manners they can be exploited.It is always good to be in the good books of some professionals.Generally big assignments come through your fellow models,photographers,and crew people.Always be in touch with people involved in the industry that is the key to successful career. This is a form of business so please be careful while dealing with clients when it comes to contracts and the payments.If you are not too keen on a project reject is politely.Disrespect towards can cause a bad name in the market and it doesn't take time in this industry for people to make and apple an ape.So deal with clients with cautions and care. Reputation and image are very important factors,one can not be ignorant about it.So prepare yourself well before you enter this industry.A wrong step can land you in trouble and finish your career before it gets going.Avoid staying in news for bad reasons as that effects the brands yo could be associated with so please take utmost care. The final tip ..on locations or at shoots avoid using your brains..that creates conflict and gives you a name of tough one.Also keep the personal emotions aside that can be hindrance to your performance. All the best folks..
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@reckon21 (3487)
• Philippines
18 Apr 10
Such a very interesting topic about modeling you have here. This is a good article especially for those models wanna be who wants to make it big in the modeling industry. I think being a model is a tough job because you always have to look presentable and compose. The grueling time for photo shoots is also a big disadvantage for me because I don't want to follow strict time. My friends say that I can be a model If I will only try. I was tempted before but not pursue it because it's a not so fascinating job for me. I prefer the tough jobs and i will be not comfortable if I will see my image in the cover of the magazine.
• India
18 Apr 10
the tough part is to get your first pic in a good magazine.From there the life is easy...if you really want to go after something that is tough than this is what it is....its really tough to get there first...... from then onwards its all about compromising and good and intelligent socializing.