Do you have any quote or any other inspiration to help you get up the ladder...

United Arab Emirates
April 9, 2010 5:15am CST
I have this personal quote about life and it goes like this 'LIFE IS NOT BASED ON A STRAIGHT LINE PRINCIPLES BUT ON PARALLEL LINES'. I use this quote as a means of inspiring myself not to give up when things happens to me, either good or bad. I have been able to find strenght when bad things happens to me by remembering this quote, it just makes me understand that whatever happens you have to be ready to make quick adaptation or try to maneuvre my way out of these circumstances, it also serves as my fulcrum thereby balancing me whenever the weight of troubles, sadness and detest tries to weigh me down, this quote also helps me understand the steps i need to take when climbing the ladder of success as we all do everyday. Mylotters, do you use this principles too or have your own and do you agree totally or a little, that we as humans have a quote or any other form of inspiration to get out of problems life brings our way, do you have a renewed strenght or spirit to go on whenever you remember your favourite quote or source of inspiration...?
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@coffeegurl (1470)
• United States
9 Apr 10
You sound like a very mentally strong person. I don't have a quote that I live by, but when I was younger and more adventurous and excited about the future, I used to say that I wanted to "try everything at least once before I die."
• United Arab Emirates
30 Apr 10
Yeah, i am a mentally strong person and i try so hard to pick myself up from falling because this is the essence of being mentally strong, even when the boat crashes never go down the water, try staying afloat, thanks for your response to my discussion, you are the only one who did response.happy mylotting
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• United States
30 Apr 10
Ty. That whole boat metaphor got me thinkin'...just watched an episode of shark week. This woman was a pro kayaker in Cali and got separated from her husband who is also a pro kayaker. This great white attacked her kayak from below and knocked her into the water. She fought him off with her paddle. Her dumb husband was yelling for her to swim to his kayak. O sure, she can outswim a shark???wtf anyway, she hopped on backward on her kayak and with her feet stickin over the boat sides(!)made it back to shore. Too bad the shark didn't go after her dumb husband.