I surrender myself about my sister....

April 9, 2010 11:31am CST
My younger sister is very lucky because she has many older ones to support and help her. I don't know what's in her mind that you are going to guide her and support in her schooling and yet stop without valid reason on studying. Always starting new courses and ending with nothing.Almost all of us brother and sisters who are older ones wanted her to be finished in college but she is different. She is always self pity even if almost attention in the family is for her. I can see in her that she has no exact plans in her life even if she is in age 30 at this time. Why is it that there is someone like this? Got puzzled if it is laziness, no perseverance, happy go lucky or whatever expression I say to her. That's why I am now surrendering to help coz I can see to her that no fighting spirit to help herself. Is she abusing the goodness of her elder bro and sists? Sometimes hardheaded to follow what is best for her. Did it happen in your family?
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