How to scam members and stay a legit site : the GPTCashCow case.

@topffer (34590)
April 9, 2010 2:38pm CST
I have never been a member of GPTCashCow, but since two months I read many discussions here and in other forums started by members of this site complaining that they were banned with no reason. Others tell that GPTCashCow was asking for an ID with photo to pay them : as it is a good way to stole an identity, personally I will never send an ID to a PTC. Since the end of March the situation has evolved. The owner of the site has blocked access globally for some countries, without paying members : we have read complaints at myLot from India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines. It seems that at least members from Morocco and Romania can't access the site now. GPTCashCow continue to pay its members in North America an Western Europe, but is indeed a scam. There is a not well known but excellent way to detect the honesty of an admin of a PTC/PTR : look if the site offers Pay To Promote and check if it is banned by other PTP sites. In PTP, morality and honesty are inescapable rules : all owners of sites offering this feature are promoters and expect to be paid by other owners. There is an internal and merciless police among them. By example, a member from Serbia complained in Feb. 7th on the GlobalFriendsOnline forum that she has been suspended and not paid by a PTP. The admin was known for his bad behavior in the past, and two weeks later this site was banned by 37 PTP sites ! Believe me, when you join a PTC with PTP, you join a serious and paying site ! Unfortunately, GPTCashCow has no PTP. Between 2001 and 2009, GPTBoycott made an excellent job fighting the scammers and plastering publicly their sites. In 2009 the owner sold the site to an owner of a declining forum, and many active members in the PTC/PTR community had a doubt about the value of GPTBoycott in the future. I had a look at GPTBoycott : GPTCashCow is legit, it is not even in the watch list. But the name was on the site : on a rotating banner at the top of the front page ! There is also a BeenPaid Diamond Seal of Approval in the front page at GPTCashCow. This seal is hard to obtain, but easier to keep. The best method -- I don't know if GPTCashCow used it -- for an admin is to offer a paid link to BeenPaid and ask members to vote for his/her site ! Many of us are trusting the blogger at PTC Investigations. I'm trusting this site but not completely. By example, since he exchanged some harsh emails with Palmbux, Palmbux is "ongoing". Ongoing for a year to see if a site is legit is long for an investigation on a PTC. GPTCashCow has been removed for the "legit" list at PTCInvestigations and also put on the "Ongoing list" on March 26th. But the investigator is also a member, and in March 31st he received a payment from GPTCashCow. In real life, you can't do that if you are an investigator, you know ? He is honest, because it allows comments to be posted in the GPTCashCow page, and many members are asking him to class this site as scam. He is playing with his credibility here : we'll see. So you can scam members and stay a legit site ? Your comments are welcome.
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@drkraven (523)
• Romania
9 Apr 10
you sound .... smart. For real. Anyway very nice post, informative even if i usually avoid walls of texts this was a very interesting one. Keep it up.
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@topffer (34590)
• France
9 Apr 10
You are flattering me. For real . I prefer to be thought of as smart than as unfair : it's why this post is so long.
@tluanga (768)
• India
10 Apr 10
how a good discussion you have started, yes i genuinely thinks that this is possible. Its true that most of those admin has a connection one way or another