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April 9, 2010 5:34pm CST
What a temperature drop we had! The past week its been in the high 80's which is super weird for the east coast. And today its only 52. I was so used to the hot weather this seems like winter again I've heard that its been doing this all over the USA. So weird! Sometimes it makes me think global warming really is happening. But now its cold and I don't. Cheers!
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• United States
12 Apr 10
We did have a few days of unsually warm weather there but now temperatures are starting to moderate back to normal. It is amazing how the media plays up the extremely warm days to being global warming and then as soon as the temperatures return to normal you hear nothing about it. I believe the Earth is cyclic and the weather we are seeing now is much the same as it was 70-80 years ago. The problem is that most of us were not around then and we think it is some kind of phenomenon; but if we look back at the weather records the same thing happened back then.