What a busy weekend!

April 9, 2010 9:35pm CST
Hey ,guys!What about your weekend ?Hmm,it must be very good.But what about mine? OMG We'll have a maths exam and a economic exam next week so I have to prepare for them in the library.(I am really not good at it.)And next Wenseday there's a competition where participants give lessons as a teacher.So I have to prepare for it too .And tomorrow afternoon I've got to take part in the national college students' English test.What's more, my sister has given me a task that I apply for a position in the job fair of 2010. And my shoes are dirty ,I've got to wash them .My sheets are dirty too! Oh ,what a busy weekend !Where's my relaxion and fun?
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@ridwan08 (1184)
• Indonesia
10 Apr 10
my weekend in this week it's so many time use for something interest and fun.because this weekend i has finished all my work,so im happy now.i use my weekend for watching movie on theater.watching newest film.and i can enjoy my weekend at this time.for you i just say.. be patient.
• China
10 Apr 10
Aha !! movie~~~I do envy you ridwan08.Long long ago~~~~there's a thing named movie in my life~~~lol(my style of humor,can you undrestand?)Well ,after finishing all the things I must give myself a movie .PS:which movie do you like ?O(n_n)O~~